Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dolphins in Pastels.

 This is my drawing of dolphins drawn in pastels on velour paper.
This is a drawing I did for a commission sale, it is the first drawing I have ever sold.
I hope you like it and will leave a comment about it.


  1. beautiful are so clever! the Christmas club challenge is bright colours .....hazels choice...looking forward to seeing your card. hugs Margaret

  2. Love your Dolphins ...Long time no see ... when you coming back to join in the crafting fun .. missing you :o)
    N How the hell do you join your blogg .. lol Mine is
    AJ is


    1. Thanks for commenting Mark..Will be seeing you very soon...If you go to my main blog page there is a follower section that you can now follow me on...xxxx

  3. Wow that's really good. You're very talented. I wish I could draw. Zx